Risk is a word that I often heard in art school. We explored new techniques, we tried new mediums, we did our best to be innovative, we got out of our comfort zone. Innovation involves risk. However, when it comes to life decisions, risk is something that we run away from. We like to dream, but restrain ourselves from dreaming “too much.” We get afraid of the decisions that could change a bit too much of our lives.

When I go back and look at the best of my work from past years, I realize that each one of those pieces involved shutting out the doubts on my mind. <Seriously, your next brushstroke might just mess up hours of work.> And you know what? Many times, it did mess it up. But it helped me to know what I wanted; what I should try again, or… what I shouldn’t ever try again.

 Working against what your logic tells you is not an easy task. Like choosing that dramatic color, opting to express a controversial idea, or blending newly learned and past techniques. But that’s what innovation is all about. Moving forward. Taking a step. It does sound cliche, doesn’t it? But it might just be what we need.

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