Much of my work is centered on the theme of nature and man. I like to think about my art as mirrored representations of emotions. My purpose in so doing is to aid the viewer to find himself in my art pieces. I also see myself identifying with nature’s two-sided personality; strong, yet breakable. Through the use of shapes, line, and expressive colors, each of my pieces tells about our human fragility and vulnerability.

I find harmony through the act of carving a woodblock, stretching paper for paintings, layering washes in watercolor, and following the steps of lithography, as well as other printmaking methods. Having steps to follow helps me to connect with my subject matter in a more personal way. As I carve away, I let go, and start something new: a new feeling,a new shape, and a new line. All of it ties together, giving myself away into the piece.

Thank you for visiting my site. It is such an honor to be able to share with you the things my hands and heart create.

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